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Wild Flower Seed Collections

Wild Flower Seed Collections consist of wild flower only seed mixes and do not contain any grass seeds.  If you prefer to create a traditional hay meadow (which had a mixture of grasses and wild flowers), you will need a Meadow Mixture - click here to go to the Meadow Seed Mixture pages.  The wild flower seed collections can be sown in the autumn (August to October) or Spring (February to May). However, on heavy clay soils it is be best to sow in spring as water-logging may cause some seed/seedlings to rot during the winter.
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Creating a Wild Flower Meadow

Cornfield Annuals
Cornfield Annual
Seed Mixture

Honey & Bumble
Bee Seed Collection

Meadow Cranesbill
Long Season Wild
Flower Seed Mix

Trad WF Mix
Traditional Wild
Flower Seed Mixture

Butterfly Wild
Flower Seed Collection

bird seeds
Wild Bird
Seed Collection

Flowering Lawn Wild Flower Seed Mixture

Country Cottage Border Mix
Country Cottage
Border Seed Collection

Native Cornfield Annuals
Special Cornfield
Annual Seed Mixture

Spring Flowering
Wild Flower Mix

Woodland WF Mix
Seed Collection

Hedgerow WF Mix
Seed Collection

Chalk WF Mix
Chalky Soil
Seed Collection

Clay WF Mix
Clay Soil
Seed Collection

Sandy Soil 
Seed Collection

Loamy Soil 
Seed Collection

Pond Edge WF Mix
Pond Edge
Seed Collection

Wetland WF Mix
Seed Collection

Tortoise Mix
Seed Collection

Turf Roof
Green Roof Wild
Flower Seed Mixture






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