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Wild Flower Seed
Collection for a Green Roof

This collection consists of wild flower seeds which are native to the UK.  It contains a mixture of wild flowers that have been selected as suitable for growing in a shallow depth of growing medium and are designed to develop 'naturally' with a minimum of maintenance. If you prefer the wild flowers combined with a fine grass mixture, select Turf Roof Seed Collection.  All of the wild flower seeds are of British native origin.  The seeds should be sown from 1.5g per square metre depending on the density of flowering required.  The mix will consist of seeds from the following:

                Agrimonia eupatoria
Wild Basil
                Clinopodium vulgare
         Lady's Bedstraw
                Galium verum
Bird's Foot Trefoil
                Lotus corniculatus
         Salad Burnet
                Sanguisorba minor ssp minor
Bulbous Buttercup
                Ranunculus bulbosus
Meadow Buttercup
                Ranunculus acris
         Bladder Campion
                Silene vulgaris
                Primula veris
Rough Hawkbit
                Leontodon hispidus
         Kidney Vetch
                Anthyllis vulneraria
         Lesser Knapweed
                Centaurea nigra
Musk Mallow
                Malva moschata
Wild Marjoram
                Origanum vulgare
Wild Mignonette
                Reseda lutea
         Oxeye Daisy
                Leucanthemum vulgare
         Hoary Plantain
                Plantago media
Scabious, Field
                Knautia arvensis 
                Prunella vulgaris
         Perforated St John's Wort
                Hypericum perforatum  
Yellow Toadflax
                Linaria vulgaris 
         Viper's Bugloss
                Echium vulgare

10g @ 11

50g @ 28

100g @ 50

500g @ 190

1kg @ 290


Please contact us for larger quantities

Mdw Buttercup

Oxeye Daisy

Salad Burnet


Wild Marjoram






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