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Meadow Mixture
for Woodlands

This seed mixture contains wild flower (20% by weight) and grass species (80% by weight) able to tolerate shade and is suitable for sowing in woodland areas.  They are adapted to growing amongst established trees where shading has reduced light levels to below 50% of that in the open.  In very deep shade (ie where light levels are below 25% of that in the open), grasses won’t grow, so only the wild flower component of the mix need be sown - see Woodland Wild Flower Seed Collection.  All of the wild flower seeds are of British native origin.  The grass seed is of British native wild origin where possible (marked with w).  The seeds should be sown at the rate of 4g per square metre.  The mix will consist of seeds from the following:

Wild Flowers:

§         Bluebell 
Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Stachys officinalis
Red Campion  
Silene dioica
§         Foxglove  
Digitalis purpurea
§         Garlic Mustard
Alliaria petiolata
§         Hedge Woundwort 
                    Stachys sylvatica

Hedge Bedstraw
                Galium mollugo
Nettle-leaved Bellflower

                    Campanula trachelium
§         Meadowsweet
                Filipendula ulmaria
Perforate St John's Wort
                Hypericum perforatum
Ragged Robin 
Lychnis flos-cuculi
Ramsons (Wild Garlic)

                    Allium ursinum
§         Selfheal
                Prunella vulgaris
Wood Avens  
Geum urbanum
§         Wood Sage
                Teucrium scorodonia


§         Common Bent
                    Agrostis capillaris

Crested Dogstail

                    Cynosurus cristatus

False Brome  
Brachypodium sylvaticum
Tufted Hairgrass
Deschampsia cespitosa
§         Slender Creeping Red Fescue
                Festuca rubra
Sweet Vernal Grass
Anthoxanthum odoratum
Wood Meadow Grass 
Poa nemoralis


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Wood Avens



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