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Native British Bluebells - Fresh Seed
(Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

Pre-Order For Autumn 2023

(Fresh seed will be dispatched:
 September/October/November 2023)


Fresh Bluebell seeds will germinate more quickly and with a higher success rate than dried seeds, but are only available for a short period in early autumn.  They will be harvested during July/August and after cleaning will be sent out during September/October/November.  Although it will take 4 to 6 years before you have a flowering size bulb, you can create your own Bluebell Wood at a fraction of the cost and with far less effort than planting full-size bulbs.  Sowing seeds is particularly recommended for larger areas.  There are approximately 100 to 120 seeds per gram.  

To help you calculate quantity required:
It is hard to give an accurate sowing rate as it will depend on whether the seeds are to be broadcast over a large area or sown in a prepared seed bed.  If the seeds are to be broadcast over a large area, many may be taken by small animals, so they need to be sown more thickly.  If sowing into a small prepared seed bed they can be tended more easily and the number of young plants will be much greater the following spring.  Approximately 2gms will be needed to cover a square metre when sown into a prepared seed bed, whereas up to 20 gms will be needed if the seeds are broadcast and left to their own devices.

Planting Instructions for Fresh Seeds:  Fresh Bluebell seeds should be sown straight away in a damp, shady site.  Cover the seeds with a 3mm soil if planting in a seed tray or pot.  The seeds will germinate in spring.  In the first spring the leaves will be small, thin and grass-like, but each year the plants will produce stronger leaves.  The leaves will die down every summer.  You should have your first flowers after 4 years and by the sixth year, all plants should be producing flowers.  

Plant the seeds as soon as possible upon receipt.

These seeds were harvested from bulbs grown in Britain from cultivated stock - they have not been harvested from wild plants.


Fresh Bluebell seed available from September to November - if you would like to be contacted when the seed is available, please email contact@wildgardenseeds.co.uk

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100g @ £58 

500g@ £270

1kg @ £450 

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